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The ultimate protection for your teeth

The ultimate protection for your teeth

The ultimate protection for your teeth


There are heaps of over-the-counter oral care products for adults wanting to add protection to their teeth, such as toothpaste with added fluoride.

While these products may have positive short term oral health benefits along with a good oral care routine, most people’s teeth still continue to wear down. Even toothbrushes can contribute to tooth abrasion to some degree.

Enamel loss has oral health consequences

Over time, as your tooth enamel layer gets thinner and thinner, your teeth will become more sensitive and vulnerable to tooth decay and cavities. Enamel loss is irreversible and once gone, you will have lost your teeths’ natural protection for good.

High-tech tooth protection

But what if there was a rock hard, bio-safe, glass coat that could be applied to your tooth surfaces by your dentist? One that could help protect your teeth and tooth enamel against:

  • all acidic foods & beverages,
  • plaque,
  • oral bacteria,
  • tooth decay,
  • oral diseases,
  • cosmetic damage (incl. food and beverage stains)
  • general wear & tear, and
  • tooth erosion


Sounds too good to be true? Maybe not.

German dental professional, researcher and inventor, Dr Andreas Teichmann, has taken tooth protection to a new level with his latest dental product called Dentcoat – the world’s first bioactive liquid crystal for protecting teeth. Let’s check it out.

What is Dentcoat?

Dentcoat is a revolutionary and ingenious liquid bioglass coat that is applied to your teeth in two one-hour treatment sessions by a Dentcoat trained and certified dentist. What’s more, Dentcoat can be applied once or twice a year after your regular dental check-up and clean.

How does Dentcoat work?

Dentcoat works by forming a rock hard microstructure over your tooth surfaces through the multi-layered application of millions of micro crystals to your tooth enamel. A Dentcoat coat protects your tooth enamel and dentin by forming another complimentary protective layer.

How long does a single Dentcoat treatment last?

Dentcoat is very durable. Depending on your oral condition and habits, you can expect between 6 to 14 months life from your initial Dentcoat treatment. Afterwards, you do need a partial “refresher” coat which is applied over the existing coat. On the up side, each subsequent coat that is applied also helps brighten and add shine to your teeth.
While this top layer of the Dentcoat crystals gradually wears off through chewing and brushing, your tooth enamel remains embedded in the bottom layer of Dentcoat crystals – out of harm’s way.

As a Dentcoat application wears off, is it bio-safe?

Yes. Dentcoat is a bio-glass is basically made up of two key ingredients – pure alcohol and silicon dioxide. Silicon is one of the most common elements in the body, while a small amount of an alcohol solution is used for the formation of the rock hard crystal layer.

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