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Tooth Coloured Fillings & Crowns

Select the teeth filling colour

Are the black fillings in your mouth making you conscious when you laugh or talk to people? You now have an option of replacing them with white or tooth-coloured fillings to create a natural looking smile.

The procedure for this is usually simple and can be done in a single appointment. There are a few choices for white or tooth-coloured fillings, namely composite resin or porcelain.

For white porcelain fillings, appointment times usually take slightly longer than white composite resin fillings. This is because they are prepared externally – outside your mouth.


First, we design and fabricate the best fitting filling to specifically match your natural teeth. Then, it is permanently bonded to your tooth. This is the better option for providing the best long term results. White porcelain fillings create a very natural looking tooth that is both aesthetic and strong.

If your tooth already has a very large black filling on it, your Leeming dentist may suggest a cap (crown) instead of another huge filling to replace it. The reason for this is to prevent your tooth from crumbling or fracturing in the future – especially if it has more filling than tooth on it. We definitely would not want that to happen to you during a meal!

Our crowns are usually white or tooth-coloured, so we can closely match them with the colour of your natural teeth. Talk to our dentists about the option of having single appointment crowns today!

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