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Invisible Braces and Teeth Alignment

Invisible braces and teeth alignment

Gone are the days where one needed to endure long periods of train-track teeth – just to achieve a beautiful straight smile. With Invisalign®, nobody will even notice your aligners. That’s because they are clear and almost invisible. Invisalign® aligners are also comfortable and removable. That’s great for brushing your teeth or going out! Not to mention eating or drinking.

You will need to have an assessment completed to determine your suitability for this mode of treatment. If you have any general dental issues, they would usually have to be addressed before starting Invisalign®. This can all be done at your initial consultation. Here, we will examine your teeth and discuss the treatment program with you.


At Leeming dental, We also encourage you to ask questions about any topic you have heard or read about regarding Invisalign®. Call us on (08) 9310 3367, we can answer all your questions, and provide you with further information.


Invisalign® Brochures download available


Invisalign® Videos

These videos show how Invisalign® works and solves misaligned teeth and oral health problems.


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