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Dental check-ups


General check ups should usually be performed every 6 months. If it has been longer since your last check up, we may conduct a more thorough inspection and examination. This may include X-rays and high resolution photographs to reveal less visible damage and disease.

Our dentists take all the necessary steps to gently assess and evaluate the state of all your teeth.

We believe you should be fully informed of your oral health. As always, prevention is better than a cure. Undesirable conditions such as decay, bad breath and diseased gums are all preventable. We strongly recommend regular 6 monthly check ups to maintain your oral health.


Sometimes, a high concentrated fluoride wash is used after your dental clean. This wash strengthens your teeth and prevents future occurrences of decay.

Your back teeth (molars) have tiny pits and grooves that are can be quite deep. They are hot spots for plaque and bacteria. These pits and grooves are often too small for a regular toothbrush. It is extremely difficult to reach and remove the plaque and bacteria in them. This is how decay and cavities form. The good news is that fissure sealants may be applied to them –helping to prevent the onset of tooth decay.

For more general check-ups details, please us on (08) 9310 3367


Leeming dental general check ups