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Crowns and Bridges

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If your tooth has had a huge filling or a root canal before, chances are that you may need a crown. A crown or cap is like an external covering for the tooth to prevent it from breaking or chipping. If we notice that your tooth has a crack in it with an existing old filling, a crown may also be recommended. Imagine your car windscreen having a crack in it. You would change it to prevent any chance of it shattering when it goes over a speed bump, right? Similarly, we would not wish for your teeth to break when you are enjoying a steak at a fancy restaurant. How awkward! Bridges Dental bridges are used to replace one or more missing teeth. The middle parts of teeth need solid support from both sides. The dental bridges are unlike dental implants are permanently fixed on your jaw bone. Leeming Dental has world renowned CEREC® technology. That means we can provide same day crowns or tooth coloured fillings. No more waiting around for weeks while having temporary crowns in your mouth. The dental work is all done in one single appointment. Leeming dental crowns and bridgeThe material that the CEREC® milling machine creates is porcelain. This mimics the natural appearance and characteristics of your natural teeth. Say goodbye to unslightly metal or dark crowns with our new CEREC® technology. Call us (08) 9310 3367 to your professional consultation For more information about our one-visit treatment for crowns and bridges, please click on the following link: *AHPRA statement is in the footer