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Caring for the little ones

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Getting children into the swing of good oral habits is best started when they are at a tender age. By the time your child is three, they should have a full complement of baby teeth (ten on top and ten below).

This is the ideal time to bring them in for their first dental visit, if they have not done so already. First visits usually get them familiar with the dental environment – so they can feel comfortable coming back for future appointments.

You should always supervise your children when they learning to clean their teeth. This is to ensure their daily brushing is thorough and consistent. Each kid is different – some kids may develop better brushing habits than others. So make it a family ritual to clean your teeth together and learn healthy eating habits (i.e. less sugar, soda and chocolate, more water, fresh fruits and vegetables).

Try to avoid letting your child fall asleep with a milk bottle in their mouth. Milk also contains sugar in the form of lactose. Lactose can also cause decay in baby teeth. Protect your little ones teeth now, so they don’t need to have fillings in future.

If your child is turning six soon and still has a dummy or thumb sucking habit, they need to stop! Dummies and thumb sucking can prove detrimental to the eruption and growth of their teeth (due to the suction forces of the thumb/dummy and its position between their teeth).

The government has introduced a new Child Dental Benefits Scheme. Under this scheme, children under 18 can receive a benefit entitlement of $1000 to use at the dentist of their choice. If your family is eligible, you would have received the CDBS letter sent by Medicare.

Our friendly staff will take care of the rest including bulk billing directly. Just be sure to inform our reception of your eligibility when making an appointment. And don’t forget to bring your CDBS letter and Medicare card when you attend your appointment with your child.

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