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A Different Health Concept

– Oral & overall body Health

You don’t need to be afraid as we have billions of microbiomes living within us. We can decide if they can be good or bad and affect our body.


Optimal cleaner for dental appliances like clear aligners

Home ultrasonic cleaner devicesHome ultrasonic cleaner devices are designed to provide efficient and thorough cleaning for a range of oral appliances. Whether you need to look...
ultrasonic cleaner device

Missing tooth solutions for seniors

As we get older, we begin to deeply appreciate that maintaining our oral health is crucial to our enjoyment of everyday life. Tooth loss demoralise us in our efforts, no matter...
senior missing tooth solutions

Risks and solutions for problematic wisdom teeth

Did you know that not all wisdom teeth need removal? However, there are cases when these teeth may cause problems such as impaction or infections that need to be treated. In this...
wisdom teeth

Simple ways to help mothers improve oral health and avoid chronic diseases

Mothers are often the cornerstone of their families, providing care, support, and love. However, due to age and pressures of life, many mothers are at risk of chronic diseases....
mothers dental health

Asthma and oral health

The link between asthma and your oral health Do you have asthma or know someone who does? If so, then it’s important that you are aware of the connection between asthma and oral...

Custom-made protective mouthguard

Have you ever been in a situation where you wished that your mouth was more protected? Whether it’s playing contact sports, grinding your teeth at night, or just getting into a...
custom-made mouthguard

The highest risk factors for tooth decay in children

Child tooth decay is the most prevalent oral condition in Australian children today. Approximately 42% of children aged 5 to 10 years old have experienced tooth cavities as a...
Child oral health

Composite bonding / veneers / edge bonding – the conservative tooth repair solution

What is composite bonding?Composite bonding, composite veneers or edge bonding are dental techniques used when your dentist applies a tooth-coloured resin to the full frontal...

How does the oral mucosa protect you from viruses and bacteria?

What is the mucous membrane?The mucous membrane is a moist mucosal layer that lines cavities within the body. In fact, the mucous membrane extends throughout the body and...

White dental fillings – CEREC porcelain vs composite resin

White fillings are a popular type of dental filling used to restore decayed teeth or cavities. Because they are available in a number of colour options, they can blend seamlessly...

You're Different

Your natural teeth deserve the best care. Based on your natural appearance and character we customise your dental needs to reveal and keep your natural smile

We're Different

We use Aesthetic dentistry based on the approach of creating perfect smiles and maintaining better oral health. To keep that natural look of your face and character

Different Experience

Transparent aligners can be faster, cost effective and easy to clean.

Customer's Experience

Veneers + Tooth Whitening

You could experience a new look with combination treatments that will give a better overall result.

Customer's Experiences

Dental Crowns + Orthodontics

You could enjoy a satisfactory result with conservative cosmetic treatments