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Leeming Dental Centre Dental Games Leeming Dental have heaps of interactive dental games for kids (and adults!) including puzzle games, memory games and drawing games. They’re fun, educational and free. Just click any of the links below to start playing instantly.   Leeming dental memory gameMemory card game (1-2 players)   How good is your memory? Well, this is the game to find out. Keep playing and you can improve your memory and boost your intelligence. How to play:
  1. Choose the set of cards you like.
  2. Pay attention – you get a quick peek at this set of cards.
  3. After 3 seconds, all the cards will flip over, face down.
  4. You can look at 2 cards at a time.
  5. Match all of the pairs of cards to finish the game.
  6. If you play with a friend, see who can win the most pairs.
  Leeming dental Puzzle GamePuzzle game   If you like jigsaw puzzles, test your speed and puzzle skills with this game. How to play:
  1. Choose the puzzle picture you like.
  2. Select how many puzzle pieces you want in your game.
  3. Then click START. Your image will scramble. And the timer is on! How fast can you solve the puzzle?
  Colouring game   Thinking of becoming a painter? In this game, you can colour in the picture you like.  Use your imagination for the best colour combination. You don’t need any pencils or paper. Just your finger (or mouse)! Use it to paint carefully inside the lines but not over them. Leeming dental colouring gameWhen you’ve finished your masterpiece, click SAVE to download a copy to your computer. Then, you can print it out for your art collection! How to play:
  1. Choose the drawing you like.
  2. Select your first colour.
  3. Select your brush size.
  4. Start painting!
  5. You can change to a new colour or brush size at anytime during your painting.