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Pain Relief

Emergency Pain Relief

By the time you experience a toothache, some form of damage has already occurred

Toothaches are never a pleasant experience. However, we are always ready to take on any emergency promptly. We have spots reserved for emergency dental care every day at Leeming Dental. At your initial appointment, we would need to examine the tooth and determine the best treatment option for you.

If it is possible to resolve the problem on the day, we will. However, if the problem is a little more complex and requires more attention, we will usually discuss a treatment plan and bring you back to complete treatment.

Tooth ache

What about the pain?

In the meantime, general pain relief such as Panadol or Nurofen are recommended, provided there are no health concerns. Once you arrive at our clinic, we will assess and possibly provide further pain control by prescribing medication.

It’s best to prevent toothaches, so that these dental emergencies can be avoided altogether.
Most toothaches don’t happen overnight. They are usually a result of slow and gradual tooth decay. By the time you experience a toothache some form of damage has already occurred. A six monthly check up and clean is strongly recommended to ensure optimal dental health.