Emergency Dental Care

Call us on (08) 9310 3367 for urgent care

Emergency Dental Care

Call us on (08) 9310 3367 for urgent care

Dental emergencies

Dental emergencies can occur at any time, whether it be painful toothaches, severe oral infections or oral injuries. It is important to stay calm during a dental emergency and administer appropriate first aid if required until dental treatment can be sought.

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In the event of a dental emergency, the quicker dental treatment is sought, the more likely it is that the risk of permanent damage or further infection is lowered. In the case of a dislodged tooth, the time difference between saving and losing that tooth may only be a matter of minutes.

If your dental emergency occurs during our normal business hours, we always have slots in our daily schedule, reserved specifically for emergencies. Call during any of the following opening hours:

For dental emergencies, call Leeming Dental immediately on (08) 9310 3367

Emergency first-aid

In certain dental emergencies, immediate action and first aid may be necessary to stabilise an emergency situation before leaving the accident location to travel to our practice.
Visit our First Aid for Dental Emergencies Page

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Emergency room

If the dental emergency involves head trauma/injury, or you suspect a fractured/broken jaw, locate and go straight to the emergency room of your nearest hospital. Call 000 for an ambulance if the injured party is showing any of the following symptoms:

  • secretion of clear fluid or bleeding from orifices (ears, nose or mouth)
  • unconsciousness, disorientation, dizziness, paralysis or extreme weakness
  • vision, speech or breathing difficulties
  • head wounds or possible skull fracture
  • unusual pupil dilations or contractions

The highest medical priority in these types of emergencies is to ensure that a medical doctor checks for possible concussion and internal bleeding, and treats accordingly.

To view current waiting times for emergency rooms in Perth.

Pain relief for dental emergencies

Visit our Emergencies Pain Relief Page

After hours dental emergencies

For all dental emergencies that occur outside our opening hours, 24 hour emergency dental treatment is available from the Public Dental Clinic.

Public Dental Clinic – Open 24 hours
Address: 196 Goderich Street, Perth WA 6000 Phone: (08) 9325 3452