Cosmetic Dentistry

Discover how a smile makeover can improve

your look

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Imagine your smile is on the cover

Leeming Dental provides conservative cosmetic treatments. We ensure your teeth are healthy and your cosmetic treatments are natural and long-lasting.

For your best interest, we would like to introduce you to aesthetic dentistry.

How would you feel having aesthetically pleasing, healthy teeth for your whole life?

Cosmetic Dentistry

Discover how a smile makeover can improve your look

Leeming advanced cosmetic dentistry is about looking after the cosmetic service needs of our patients.

Comfortable & stress-free treatment using advanced technology

One of our highest priorities is to ensure that your cosmetic treatment is comfortable, relaxing & stress-free. From the moment you walk into our clinic, you will be welcomed by our friendly team, who will make you feel right at home.

Leeming Dental is confident in saying that we invest in the most advanced dental equipment that is available on the market.

Our onsite laboratory allows for the production of a wide range of dental equipment such as crowns, bridges, implants, veneers, in-lays, on-lays, mouthguards and sleep appliances. We are prepared to give you an accurate diagnosis, comfortable treatment and the best possible result.

CEREC 3D scanners

We have the latest CEREC 3D scanners that use digital impressions to produce 3D models and detailed images. This is beneficial for dental treatments such as veneers, crowns, implants and orthodontic diagnosis (for teeth straightening, we may recommend Invisalign® – invisible braces)

CEREC 3D scanner

CEREC milling machines

With our CEREC milling devices, we can make dental crowns, in-lays, on-lays, bridges, veneers and dentures in a single visit.

Dental crowns veneers onlay inlay

Sprintray 3D printer

Our 3D printer is the world’s most advanced, medical grade printer, offering optimised dental lab production. We can print teeth aligners, sleep appliances, crowns, bridges, dentures and temporary teeth.

Sprintray 3D printer

Philips Zoom whitening

For teeth whitening, we can provide Philips Zoom DayWhite and NiteWhite tool kits. If you wish to have in-chair teeth whitening, we can provide you with the treatments by using Philips Zoom Whitespeed technology.

Phillips Zoom WhiteSpeed-In-chair whitening

Cosmetic simulation software


For treatment simulation with CEREC Ortho Software, we can preview your orthodontic treatments in real-time and you can discuss the treatment plans with our dentists.

Virtual Smile Makeover

We have developed a Virtual Smile Makeover software to allow you to upload an image of yourself, and gain a better understanding of the expected result from the treatment.

SNAP cosmetic simulation

Our SNAP cosmetic simulation software allows patients to see before and after images before the beginning of the treatment.

SNAP cosmetic simulation software

Modern dentistry in comfort

To complement the calm and gentle surroundings of our modern clinic, we play a great selection of music. We offer touchscreen dental games, cosmetic and oral care videos, brochures and books in our waiting room. We can also provide you with in-chair TV entertainment to create a more pleasant dental experience for you.

Sprintray 3D printer

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