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Dental Treatment

Leeming Dental plan to publish 1-2 videos each month in 2023

Customer's Experience

Veneers + Tooth Whitening

Experience a new look with a combination of treatments to give a better overall result.

Customer's Experiences

Dental Crowns + Orthodontics

You could enjoy a satisfactory result with conservative cosmetic treatments

Simple ways to help mothers improve oral health and avoid chronic diseases

Mothers are often the cornerstone of their families, providing care, support,...
mothers dental health

How does the oral mucosa protect you from viruses and bacteria?

What is the mucous membrane?The mucous membrane is a moist mucosal layer that...

The 4 major ways oral health is linked to general health

When you have poor oral health, this can lead to all sorts of oral conditions,...

10 health benefits of having a probiotic oral microbiome

Everybody knows the importance of nurturing probiotic bacteria for good gut...

Can oral bacteria cause Alzheimer’s disease?

Can oral bacteria cause Alzheimer’s disease?Can oral bacteria cause...

World Oral Health Day 2018 – Your mouth is a mirror to your body

On 20 March 2018, it is World Oral Health Day. So Happy World Oral Health Day...
World Oral Health day