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Teeth Whitening

We recommend personalised take-home whitening kits because they:

  1. are more cost effective
  2. causeless tooth sensitivity
  3. havesimilar long term results to chair whitening. (i.e. chair whitening is when you sit in the dental chair for an hour to have it done there and then – usually with the help of a special UV light)
  4. put you in control of the tooth shade you desire. Though you will also be responsible for your own oral safety and health at home.

Leeming dental teeth whiteningTo have your whitening trays made, moulds of your upper and lower teeth are taken. These are usedto fabricate your trays. We provide the whitening gel for you to use at home.

You usually start off wearing the trays for 30 minutes or so. You do this to assess how sensitive your teeth are to the gel. You only need a small amount el in each tooth compartment of the tray. Do not flood your trays! If the gel leaks onto your gums, irritation may occur.

If you feel increased tooth sensitivity, you can try using a desensitizing toothpaste (e.g. Sensodyne) to help reduce sensitivity. Otherwise, you can continue wearing the trays upto 2 hours for a period of 2 weeks. Then you can assess the difference in shade and decide whether or not to continue.

For individuals who have crowns, veneers, large fillings or caps on their front teeth, you will have less success with whitening, since the gel only works on natural tooth. If you are in this situation, come in and have a chat with us. We can recommend various treatment options for you to achieve that brighter smile!