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Conservative Dentistry

Conservative Dentistry keeping your natural teeth healthy.

Conservative Dentistry

Conservative Dentistry keeping your natural teeth healthy.

Conservative Dentistry

Traditional dental procedures can be brutal on your healthy tooth structure in order to make way for a dental tooth restoration. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can avoid unnecessary loss of healthy tooth structure with the ultra-conservative dental treatment we offer, right here at Leeming Dental.

Conservative Dentistry

What is conservative dentistry?

Conservative dentistry” is a term used to describe a dental approach that focuses on restorative or cosmetic dental treatment that preserves as much of your healthy tooth structure as possible. Preventative oral care and treatment is also an important factor of Conservative dentistry when it comes to preventing damage to healthy teeth from decay and cavities in the first place.

Minimal prep

While aggressive tooth preparation – such as over excavation, abrasion or drilling of a cavity – may irreversibly remove too much of your healthy tooth structure, our ultra-conservative dentistry aims to retain as much of it as possible.

We always ensure that the structural integrity of your remaining natural tooth structure remains intact, which in turn provides a stronger foundation for the restoration – reducing the risk of your restoration failing. Nowadays, advances in dental adhesive (bonding) technology and technique have reduced the need to remove excess healthy tooth structure for the purpose of seating or anchoring a fixed prosthodontic device, such as a crown or bridge.

Types of conservative treatment

Conservative dentistry encompasses a range of direct and indirect preventative/restorative dental treatments, including:
  • \New and replacement fillings
  • \Inlays and onlays
  • \Crowns
  • \Veneers
  • \Bridges
  • \Root canal treatment
  • \Gum disease treatment
Dental crowns, veneers, Inlays and onlays

The benefits

Investing in your oral healthy

It is important to preserve healthy tooth structure because there is no better substitute, when it comes to chewing and biting your food, than your own natural teeth. Healthy teeth are naturally designed to resist the forces generated when biting, chewing and breaking down your food. If you haven’t lost any teeth, they stay in alignment, and continue to provide you with matching opposing tooth surfaces with which to grind and masticate your food more effectively – for better digestion and nutrition. Additionally, research has shown that retaining more of your natural teeth into old age is linked to increased longevity.

Our conservative dentistry starts with your first visit

At Leeming Dental, we strive to provide minimally invasive, ultra-conservative treatment that preserves your healthy tooth structure, while restoring the functionality and appearance of your teeth. It’s an important part of our mission to help you keep all of your natural teeth intact, strong and healthy for life. From your first visit, we will work with you to create a treatment plan that factors in your oral care routine at home and our dental treatment.

After we have identified all your oral health issues, we will help you to understand the likely causes and risk factors, and discuss your future oral health outcomes with treatment – and without it. We also provide you with a customised oral care and hygiene plan that you can follow at home – one that includes changes you can make to your daily diet and lifestyle that will benefit your oral health and well being.

Leming Dental first visit