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Do you have kids aged 3 and above? Usually by the time a child is 3, they would have a full complement of baby teeth (10 on top and 10 below). This is the ideal time for them to get acquainted with the dentist! Around this time, it would also be a good idea to wean them off any dummies or thumb sucking habits. These habits can be detrimental to the development of their teeth. Candy, cordial and foods high in sugar are also a big no-no!

If it is your child’s first trip to the dentist, we usually like to keep their experience light-hearted, gentle and fun. This is so they can become familiar with and trusting of a dental environment. The last thing we would want is a child to have a bad experience and become fearful of the dentist!

If your child has had a traumatic experience and has dental anxiety, we may refer him or her to a specialist children’s dentist. Of course, it is always better to encourage a healthy and positive attitude in your child towards dental visits. That way we can prevent your child from becoming an uncooperative patient! To achieve this, our primary focus is the comfort, safety, health and well-being of each child we care for.

The government has introduced a new Child Dental Benefits Scheme(CDBS). Under this scheme, children under 18 can receive a benefit entitlement of $1000 to use at the dentist of their choice. If you are eligible, you would have received the CDBS letter sent by Medicare. Our friendly staff will take care of the rest including bulk billing directly. Make sure you bring your CDBS letter and Medicare card when you attend your next appointment with your child. For more information, you can visit the Department of Health website at