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Child Dental Benefits Schedule 2023

Access free basic dental care for kids

Child Dental Benefits Schedule 2022

Access free basic dental care for kids

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) is continuing for 2023. Don’t let your child miss out on the CDBS’s $1,052 benefit for basic dental services…the oral health of your child may depend on it. The Child Dental Benefits Scheme (CDBS) is a government funded health program which provides a benefit cap of $1,052 to cover basic dental services over a two year period for about 3 million Australian children between the ages of 2 and 17.

  This consecutive two year period begins on January 1st of the first year that your child receives their first eligible treatment under the CDBS. If you don’t utilise the entire $1,000 benefit within the first year, you can continue to access the remaining balance in the second year – while your child is still eligible. Any remaining balance cannot be accessed after the end of the second year. At that point, your child, if still eligible, will ready to begin a new two year benefit cap period. What dental services are provided for under the CDBS? The CDBS covers a range of basic dental services:

  • examinations
  • clean, scale and polish
  • fillings
  • fissure sealing
  • X-rays
  • root canal treatment
  • extractions
  • emergencies

    The CDBS does not cover orthodontic and cosmetic dental treatment. Are my kids eligible for the CDBS? You would have received a letter from Medicare advising you of your children’s eligibility. Otherwise, you can confirm your eligibility and view your balance, by accessing your Medicare online account (via To be eligible for the CDBS, your child must be aged between the ages 2 and 17. They must have a Medicare Card. You, your child or teenage child’s partner must also be receiving one of the following Government payments:

    • Family Tax Benefit A
    • Parenting payment
    • Disability Support Pension
    • Carer payment
    • Double Orphan Pension
    • Youth Allowance
    • Special Benefit
    • Financial assistance through the Veteran’s Children Education Scheme (VCES)
    • Financial assistance through the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act (MRCAETS) – for children aged over 16

    Claiming your benefit Claiming your CDBS benefit after your child receives treatment is easy. We bulk bill electronically so you don’t need to make an upfront payment and claim later. You only need to inform our reception that you will be making a claim using your CDBS entitlement before your child receives treatment. There are no gap fees unless you choose to exceed your $1,000 benefit cap when choosing your child’s dental treatment option. For long-term dental care, management and guidance for your child from our trusted and dedicated team, call Leeming Dental on 08 9310 3367