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CEREC Veneers

Quick and easy smile enhancement

CEREC Veneers

Quick and easy smile enhancement

Veneers with CEREC technology

If you need a new veneer, Leeming Dental can fabricate a brand new ceramic veneer and have it inserted in just a little over an hour. This state-of-the-art treatment is made possible by CEREC, one of the most advanced cad-cam systems for all-ceramic dental restorations in the world.

CEREC Veneer

What are CEREC veneers?

CEREC ceramic veneers are a type of veneer created and manufactured using CEREC digital 3D technology – avoiding the need for a patient to undergo manual, uncomfortable dental impressions that may cause gag reflex or pain in the jaw. CEREC veneers look completely natural and are allergy free for healthier gums.

From start to finish, a CEREC veneer restoration only takes about 2 hours, after which you’ll be smiling with confidence. There’s no downtime waiting for an external dental lab to send in your custom veneer, nor any need to wear a temporary crown in the meantime.

Same day CEREC veneer procedures

At Leeming Dental, getting one or more veneers in one visit is made possible by the CEREC system.

We begin all our CEREC veneer treatments with a thorough consultation and an oral examination, to understand your clinical situation. Once you have committed to your treatment plan, you’ll experience your veneer restoration procedure in 4 comfortable steps:

  • Your veneer restoration begins with your dentist taking photos and a digital impression of your prepped dentition with a 3D intraoral LED camera.
  • Next, the CEREC computer software generates a full-colour 3D model. Your dentist then proceeds to design and digitally create your veneer restoration using advanced CEREC software. Your dentist creates your veneer with precise attention to form, fit and aesthetic appearance.
  • When you are satisfied, the 3D model is uploaded to our CEREC 3D milling unit. It proceeds to carve out your new veneer from a colour-matched ceramic block in about 8 to 10 minutes, depending on its size.
  • Once finalised, your dentist will fit and bond the new veneer into your mouth.
CEREC Veneers

Benefits of a CEREC veneer restoration

There are a number of benefits to having a CEREC veneer restoration over other veneer options, including:

  • Time saving single-visit, same-day treatment.
  • Comfortable non-invasive, digital dental impressions.
  • Natural appearance with custom-coloured, all-ceramic materials and clear margins.
  • High tech, accurate computer-assisted design and in-house manufacture.
  • Plaque resistant for easier oral maintenance.
  • Bio-compatible and non-allergenic for healthier gums.
  • All ceramic – metal free.
  • Minimal prep to conserve more of your natural tooth structure.
  • Precise form and fit for better stability, function and durability.
  • No follow-up appointments.
CEREC Veneers
CEREC Veneers