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World Oral Health Day 2018 – Your mouth is a mirror to your body

World Oral Health Day 2018 – Your mouth is a mirror to your body

On 20 March 2018, it is World Oral Health Day. So Happy World Oral Health Day from all the staff at Leeming Dental!

The mouth and body connection

This year’s theme focuses on the link between a healthy mouth and a healthy body, and the way each affects the other. The message that the World Dental Federation would like all of us to keep in mind is the importance of protecting your mouth and body – no matter what age you are. Oral disease comes in many forms, including the two most prevalent conditions – tooth decay and gum disease. If oral health conditions aren’t treated and managed, they can have a negative effect on your general health. Likewise, general health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and respiratory diseases are linked with certain oral diseases, and can increase your risk of oral health complications. For example, diabetes has been clinically proven to increase the risk of experiencing gum disease.

Take action

If you have poor oral health, it may be the cause of, and the result of, poor general health. However, by taking action to protect and safeguard both your oral and general health, you can improve your overall health and quality of life.

Common risk factors

Research has shown that oral diseases and general health conditions often share common risk factors. Many of these risk factors are determined by preventable behaviour and lifestyle choices. You can better manage and take control of your oral health by limiting or avoiding: an unhealthy diet high in refined carbohydrates (including sugary foods and drinks); smoking; alcohol; and poor oral health habits.


Looking after your mouth and body is important throughout your whole life. Always practice preventative care, have regular checkups from your dentist and doctor, and seek treatment for oral health and general health conditions.

Dedicate a daffodil on Daffodil Day this year

Dedicate a daffodil on Daffodil Day this year

Cancer Council holds its biggest fundraising event on Friday, 26 August. On this day, we have the opportunity to show our support for those in our community who have been affected by cancer.

This disease continues to afflict millions of Australians with an estimated 130,000 people expected to be diagnosed this year alone. At Leeming Dental Centre, we are especially vigilant for early signs and symptoms of oral cancer at every patient check-up that we perform. Early detection in oral cancer patients increases survival rate to 80 – 90 percent – not a perfect rate but still a far better outcome.

Cancer Council urgently needs funds for ground-breaking cancer research, prevention programs and patient support services for people affected by the disease. The Australia-wide fundraising goal for Daffodil Day 2016 is $9 million.

In 2016, it is the 30th anniversary of Daffodil Day as well, and it is still more important than ever to continue the fight against cancer in Australia. Since the first Daffodil Day event in 1986, nearly 3 million people have been diagnosed with cancer. 1 in 2 Australians will experience some form of cancer in their lifetimes.

Unfortunately most of us have been touched in one way or another by the impact of cancer on a loved one. So for this year’s Daffodil Day, the organisers are encouraging each one of us to dedicate a daffodil to someone we know – as a gesture of support and understanding, and a moment of reflection.

Cancer Council CEO, Professor Sanchia Aranda explained, “We wanted to provide a new and more personal way for Australians to show their support and also in particular recognise the Australians who give the event its meaning.”

Look out for the daffodils, pins and bright yellow pop-up stands in your area that are staffed by dedicated volunteers and show you care with a donation.

Wishing you and your loved ones a happy Daffodil Day for 2016,

The Leeming Dental Centre team.