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Prophylaxis Master

Dental spa experience

AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master

Dental spa experience

Are your teeth ready for a dental spa?

Traditional teeth cleaning treatment usually involves a “scale and clean” procedure to remove bacterial plaque from the tooth surfaces in your mouth. This type of treatment usually involves the use of ultrasonic scalers, dental hand tools and prophy paste. While a “scale and clean” is an effective dental hygiene treatment, it has its limitations. However, AIRFLOW®, the latest dental technology in teeth cleaning, is a real game changer. It handles interdental spaces, around dental braces, and in hard-to-reach pits and fissures with ease. Instantly clean teeth – available right here at Leeming Dental.

What is AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master?

The AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master is a Swiss-made teeth cleaning solution for:

  • removing plaque, early calculus (tartar) and stains from natural teeth, restorations and implants
  • targeting previously inaccessible areas
  • stain removal including stubborn coffee and red wine stains
  • maintaining oral hygiene
  • preventing oral disease
  • sub-gingival plaque and calculus removal (below the gum line)
  • How does AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master work?

    The AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master utilises a specialised pen-like hand-piece that sprays a minute powder jet at over 400km/h along with a separate water stream onto your tooth surfaces. These air and water channels can be regulated for precise cleaning in hard-to-reach areas, and the whole process is touch-free with 100% biofilm (plaque) removal.

    Why do patients love AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master?

    While some patients are apprehensive and anxious about traditional scale and clean treatments, once they have been introduced to the AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master, they never look back. AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master cleaning is comfortable and gentle because no manual dental tools are used – only a stream of powder and warm water. This is why a lot of AIRFLOW® patients describe the experience as more of a pleasurable “dental” day spa than an actual clinical dental treatment.

    Are you interested?

    If you would like to be among the first patients at Leeming Dental to benefit from AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master treatment, call us on (08) 9310 3367 to book your next regular check up and clean.