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3D-printed occlusal guard

Convenient, comfortable and effective solution

Protect your teeth from bruxism – call us now to learn more!

3D-printed occlusal guard

Convenient, comfortable and effective solution

Protect your teeth from bruxism – call us now to learn more!

Night-time defence against teeth grinding

Do you wake up with headaches or jaw pain? It could be a sign of teeth grinding. Have you considered occlusal guards to protect your teeth?

Occlusal guards are essential devices used to protect teeth from damage due to grinding and clenching. Also called nightguards, these devices create a barrier between the upper and lower teeth, preventing the teeth from touching and rubbing against each other.

Consistent grinding and clenching can lead to tooth damage, jaw pain, headaches, and other dental issues. Occlusal guards help maintain proper teeth alignment and reduce the risk of fractures, chips, and other forms of dental wear and tear.

Night Guards

What are 3D-printed occlusal guards?

At Leeming Dental, we create 3D-printed occlusal guards in-house using advanced 3D printing technology. The process begins by taking a digital scan of your teeth using an intraoral scanner, which is then used to generate an accurate 3D model. Using this 3D model, the occlusal guard is produced layer by layer. Factoring in multiple data points unique to you, we print it from the most suitable materials for your specific needs.

Benefits of 3D-printed occlusal guards

Thanks to the advent of 3D printing technology, occlusal guards are now more accessible and convenient than ever before. You can enjoy these benefits when choosing 3D-printed occlusal guards over traditional methods:

Improved comfort and fit

3D-printed guards provide an improved level of comfort and fit compared to traditional methods. Since 3D-printed guards are customised using your precise digital scan, they provide a more accurate fit specific to your unique dental anatomy. This ensures that the guard fits snugly over your teeth, reducing the risk of movement or slippage during use.

Personalised treatment

3D-printed occlusal guards can be finely customised to meet the specific needs of each patient. In addition to exactly matching your dental anatomy, we customise the thickness of the guard and the softness of the resin material to match the degree of grinding or clenching you exhibit. Such customisation ensures a more comfortable and effective fit and the perfect amount of protection for your teeth.

Speed of production

Compared to traditional methods, 3D printing can produce occlusal guards more quickly and efficiently than traditional methods. This allows you to receive your guard in a shorter amount of time, which is particularly beneficial if you urgently require the dental protection it provides or you have a tight schedule.

Are 3D-printed occlusal guards painful to use?

You may experience temporary discomfort or soreness when first using the guard, particularly during the adjustment period. However, this discomfort is usually mild and tends to fade away as your teeth and mouth become accustomed to the guard.

Protect your teeth with 3D-printed occlusal guards

The quality of your sleep and condition of your oral health are so essential to your overall wellbeing. Don’t let teeth grinding take a toll on these important parts of your life – call us now to find out more about how 3D-printed occlusal guards can help you. Our team of friendly dentists are always ready to provide you with advice and personalised solutions to your dental needs.

3D printed occlusal guards