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A story of passion and precision

Dr. Sonny Lee combines research, experience and an artistic spirit to lay a strong foundation for excellent dental care. His mission is to take dentistry to a whole new level at Leeming Dental Centre.

Leeming Dental Centre is proud to be an accredited dental practice. Dr. Lee and his friendly expert team of professionals work in close collaboration. Together, their common goal is to provide you with highest quality care and service. They are also very friendly and attentive without being too invasive.

CDBS End-of-year Deadline

The 31 December deadline for the CDBS 2016-2017 entitlement period is coming soon. If your child has any outstanding dental treatment, book an appointment soon/before it's too late.

2017 Health Fund Rebate Deadline

Leeming Dental does not encourage patients to claim health fund rebates for unnecessary treatment. We prefer to take care our patients' specific oral health needs as they arise.

The importance of good oral health for teens

The teenage years (12-17) are a crucial time for a person’s physical and mental development. Most teens understand that and the benefits of having a health-focused attitude towards their changing

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Tips for a healthy and beautiful smile

Studies have shown that maintaining healthy, natural and radiant teeth not only benefits your self confidence, but your social and professional interactions as well. If you have a good set

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Sleep better and wake up refreshed with a mandibular advancement device (MAD)!

What are mandibular advancement devices? A mandibular advancement device (MAD) is a medically approved technique to help prevent snoring and mild to moderate forms of obstructive sleep apnoea. MADs are

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