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Leeming Dental is a leading dental practice staffed by experienced and caring dental professionals. For more than 25 years, we have been delivering innovative and high quality dental services to the Leeming community.

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Digital Dentistry

Intra-oral 3D scanners,  CAD software, milling machines and 3D-printers for improved patient care & experience

Quality dental care

Professional expertise & experience in all aspects of dental treatment

Dr Sonny Lee

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In our restorative & cosmetic treatments, we preserve your natural tooth structure 


Hear from our patients

I have been seeing Sash for almost 7 years! She is always as welcoming as ever! Thanks for always making my visits so easy! Love Leeming Dental, the rest of the staff are just as great!

Yvonne Lai

My dentist was extremely gentle and accommodating and talked me through the whole process, leading me to feel very comfortable and relaxed. I 100% would recommend Leeming Dental Centre. 

Naomi Short

First visit to Leeming Dental Centre and was booked in with Dr Sonny Lee. Right from the get go it was a wonderful experience. Overall a fantastic experience from a dentist clinic that truly cares.

Chris Alexander

Certified Accreditation

Safe and quality dental care

At Leeming Dental, our dental practice has achieved what is known as practice accreditation.

That means our staff have completed a process that meets high dentistry standards. We also share

a commitment to always improve and deliver safe, quality dental care – for you and your family.


Leeming Dental has also been recognised for excellence in professional practice.

WARNING – Smoking damages your oral health!

WARNING – Smoking damages your oral health!

Smoking is bad for your general health but did you know that smoking is a major contributor to oral health problems also? While smoking is well known as a cause of tooth discolouration, loss of your sense of taste, and bad breath, it also has damaging effects on the...

Straight teeth can improve your oral health

Straight teeth can improve your oral health

People want straighter teeth for a number of reasons, including improving one's cosmetic appearance and smile-confidence. But did you know that straighter teeth can improve your oral health? The health benefits of straight teeth Recent research shows that people who...

Achieving a great smile with veneers, bonding and contouring

Achieving a great smile with veneers, bonding and contouring

Porcelain veneers, bonding and contouring are all cosmetic dental treatment options that are great ways to change the shape, size, colour and position of your teeth. These dental treatment options utilise specialised dental materials and techniques to remedy smile...

Modern dentistry gears up for the digital age

Modern dentistry gears up for the digital age

Since the mid-90s, when advanced CAD (computer-aided design) systems were first used to help create crown materials, digital dentistry has developed rapidly. The latest digital dental hardware includes intra-oral scanning, dental sensor technology, robotics, CAD/CAM...

German researchers give thumbs up for Invisalign®…over braces!

German researchers give thumbs up for Invisalign®…over braces!

German researchers give thumbs up for Invisalign®...over braces! The Invisalign® aligner system (or invisible aligners) is an alternative to wearing wired metal braces to straighten your teeth. It offers a level of comfort and convenience unmatched by braces - which...

Restore Missing Teeth

Restore Missing Teeth

Lower denture with braces on a white background. Horizontal position.In some cases, a tooth cannot be saved and will need to be extracted. Our dentists at Leeming Dental can recommend several options for replacing missing teeth. Of course, we prefer to repair and save...

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